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Please fill out the information below if you wish to be added to the 2024 Waitlist.
Often times we have participants who become injured, cannot change their shifts, or decide they cannot meet the $300/person fundraising minimum and resign their spot. Please keep in mind there is no guarantee you will make it off the waitlist & entry into the event is not solely dependent upon order of when you joined the waitlist. Most dropped spots open in late February.
If you would like to set up a fundraising account while on the Waitlist, please check the box below to request a fundraising page to begin collecting funds. Fundraising while on the waitlist does not necessarily guarantee you entry into the event, but is seriously taken into consideration, and is greatly appreciated. If and when a spot opens for you within the event, your fundraising page will remain intact, be transferred to a participant account, and you will be assigned to your appropriate departmental team. 
Even if you don't secure a spot in the 2024 event, all waitlist fundraisers who:
- Raise $300 will receive an event t-shirt.
- Raise $500 or more will qualify for an Incentive Store item. The 2024 Incentive Store is coming soon.
- Raise $1,800 or more will qualify for Early Bird Registration for the 2025 event.
The Waitlist will close on February 23, 2024
Sign me up for a 2024 LLS Firefighter Stairclimb fundraising page to begin collecting funds. *
If and when a spot opens for you in the event, you will be contacted via email. Due to high demand, if you do not respond to notification regarding entry within 3 business days you may forfeit the spot. All participants must pay a $80 registration fee upon entry.
Reach out to with any questions.
Thank you and best of luck!
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