LLS Nutrition Education Services Center's Blog Submission Form

Submission Guidelines
Thank you for your interest in contributing to the nutrition blog. 
Our nutrition blog provides up-to-date information and practical advice for cancer patients, their caregivers, and other individuals interested in learning more about nutrition and cancer. 
Through our posts, we aim to educate readers on the importance of good nutrition during and after cancer treatment; inspire individuals impacted by cancer and their families; and encourage everyone to make better food choices. 
We welcome posts by guest contributors. We are more likely to accept a submission that satisfies the following criteria: 
    1. Offers the latest information on cancer and nutrition
    2. Provides tips, advice, or a key takeaway
    3. Addresses an issue faced by people impacted by cancer and/or provide ways to improve nutrition
Additionally, posts should be easy to read and understand for a lay (consumer) audience and approximately 600 words. 
LLS reserves the right to make edits to posts and to rewrite sections, if needed, for clarity. We will provide a final draft for your approval, if requested. We will attribute the post to you with your name and a short bio. An LLS registered dietitian will review submissions to make sure the information provided follows current nutrition recommendations. We cannot guarantee that your blog will be posted. We are sent numerous submissions and cannot always use all of the content.
We love to receive the following types of posts. 
  • Healthcare professional advice: What information do you think more cancer patients and caregivers need to know? What are the questions you hear most often from patients and families? 
  • Tips and strategies: Provide specific tips or strategies for patients and caregivers to improve their well-being or make cancer treatment a little easier
  • Recipes: Healthy recipes to share with our audience
  • Survivor story/advice: Sharing your personal experiences with cancer
  • Caregiver advice: Sharing tips, stories, and words of encouragement for other caregivers 
We do NOT accept submissions that promote or advertise specific products or services; provide advice or information that contradicts current recommendations; or posts that are inflammatory or political in nature.

Questions? Email nutrition@LLS.org

What we need from you:

I have read and agree to the LLS Nutrition Education Services Center's blog submission guidelines. *